Revolution: peace on our earth round

The Discovery of a believed to be lost treasure


After 25 years the container with the monumental art-piece “Peace to our whole Earth” – The former lost Relic of the Stasi Culture, was re-opened under the supervision of the refurbishing specialist Dr. Susanne Lilienthal. It stands alone as a momentous piece of the sacred lead glass art that combines motives of constructivism with communistic motives. The entire process was meticulously documented and the specific panel graphics intricately restored.

In a world premier, the art-piece will be presented in all its glory and significance at the Art Basel 2015 in Miami. Following years of exclusive access by high-ranking members of the GDR-state and subsequent disappearance it will for the first time be visible to the public. The presentation of the original piece will take place in combination with a video documentary telling the fascinating story of its rediscovery and resurrection.

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