Revolution: peace on our earth round

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Frieden unserem Erdenrund Stasi Monument
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A rediscovered relic of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), “Revolution: Peace to our whole Earth” is an unequivocally unique piece of artistic history that exemplifies the convictions and aspirations of an entire era.

The piece consists of 15 elaborate elements making up a 20 meter long multifaceted combination of coloured polygonal glass pieces that visualize communist motives. Initiated by Erich Mielke, the former Minister for State Security in the GDR, and crafted by Richard O. Wilhelm in 1982/83, it presents the culmination of a 300 year-old tradition in finest lead glass craftsmanship. As a monument to the past, “Revolution: Peace to our whole Earth” is a unique synergy of remarkable craftsmanship and grande aspirations.

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